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5 Simple Steps to Community Involvement for Small Businesses

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5 Simple Steps to Community Involvement for Small Businesses

5 Easy Steps to Getting your Small Business Involved in your Local Community by WebPR™.

Running a small business can be challenging and developing lasting relationships with your customers can also be difficult. How do you make sure that people keep coming back to your business? I think the biggest obstacle is to stop confusing customer satisfaction with customer LOYALTY. For instance- I have been to many coffee shops that have had better coffee than Starbucks, yet I still stop by Starbucks when I am rushing to work because that’s the first business that pops into my head when I think “I really need a latte”, even though there is probably a coffee shop that is closer and better, it’s more difficult to think of and input into my GPS system.

So how do you make sure that your business is the one that pops into a consumers head instead of the corporate giants that seemingly have a monopoly on the market?; the answer is surprisingly simple, COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT!

Here are a 5 simple steps on how to get involved in your local community and become the go-to business for everyone in your neighborhood!


  • JOIN A BUSINESS ASSOCIATION– Almost every community has local business associations for business owners to come together, network, cross promote, and support one another. A quick google search of “business associations (insert your town here) will unlock a multitude of organizations that you can join to begin integrating your business into the community. Some examples here in Los Angeles are the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce, the Los Angeles Business Council, and the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce.
  • BUILD PARTNERSHIPS AND CROSS PROMOTE– Once you’ve met these like minded business owners find which ones would be open to a little cross promotion! If you own a juice bar connect with someone who owns a yoga studio and see if you can get your juices into their cooler for their customers after class- in turn if you own the yoga studio you could offer $5 off a customer’s next class with purchase of a beverage at the juice bar’s storefront. This works for any pairing of like-minded businesses!
  • PARTICIPATE IN CHARITABLE EVENTS IN YOUR AREA– Is there a 5K run for breast cancer coming up in your area? JOIN IN! Get your employees together, form a team, get matching T-shirts and work together for a good cause!
  • SET UP A BOOTH AT COMMUNITY EVENTS– Most towns have events going on year round where businesses can set up a booth to sell their goods or give away samples in order to generate new leads for their small business. A good example would be a food festival- if you own a restaurant set up a booth at a local food festival and collect emails, give away business cards, offer special promotions for guests that follow your business on social media.
  •  SET UP A LOYALTY REWARDS PROGRAM– Everybody likes free stuff. That is a fact, so let’s      say you offer a free product after purchase of 10? This will keep consumers coming back for more in  order to get that freebie!

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