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Author: derek

Reputation Management

Reputation Management - Responding to a Negative Review The Formula for Successful Reputation Management When you think of Reputation Management, you often think of removing negative reviews before all else. The entire industry of Reputation Management was formed around this model and even though it’s still an important aspect of your company’s web presence, it is by no means the most important. Review sites like YELP and FourSquare...

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Online Marketing Agency

Online Marketing Agency What is an Online Marketing Agency?   When You’re flipping through the pages of google search results looking for the right website to display the information you asked google to locate for you, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes you may not be aware of. By skipping over the search engine’s top results, you’re essentially telling it they haven’t done well in locating...

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Content Marketing Web PR

Content Marketing - 3 ways for your company to engage new readers If you're like most of the WebPR™ audience, you're new to internet content marketing and not sure how to go about generating readers? I'm writing this post with you in mind because it wasn't that long ago when my reader audience was hovering around zero and there's definitely things you can do to grow...

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Web PR Content Marketing

Step by Step process for successful social media planning, implementing and growing your social media presence and branding/ lead gen. First Step:  Audit your existing social media presence 1. What sites are you currently listed?      a. How many friends/ followers on each site      b. How many comments/likes/retweets currently      c. How often are you adding original content on your social media sites      d. How many...

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