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Leveraging Trending Topics for Small Business

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Leveraging Trending Topics for Small Business

Why you need to leverage trending topics for your small business and how to do it! 

The early 21st century has presented us with a new, more engaging, albeit complicated business world. We live in a constantly changing marketplace where some of the old paradigms of marketing are converting and giving way to more innovative methods of approaching like-minded businesses and the general public. One of these more commanding new avenues is the world of social media. Nowadays, a company can literally build its brand recognition using social media campaigns alone. A good example of this would be a clothing line that uses instagram to showcase their designs and generated interest in their brand simply by posting and possibly gifting to influencers (as we have discussed in a previous blog found here- http://webpr.com/how-to-develop-relationships-with-social-media-influencers/). But It’s also important to recognize the business opportunities that present themselves in the use of TRENDING topics.

It is important to keep track of topics that are gaining influence or “trending” on social media in order to see if any of them directly correlate to your business and come up with a plan to use these topics to your advantage. Whether that means using your expertise on the subject to write an in-depth article or blog, making a video-blog discussing the topic, or simply engaging in the discussion via social media- which gives your business a unique opportunity to informally discuss the subject and show your audience that you really know your stuff.

That said, here are some ways that small business can leverage these topics toward brand awareness and marketing:

  • Be “in-the-know.”-  A lot of times, the public just wants to see that companies are aware of what is taking place in the world around them. Gone are the days when companies could sit mum on pertinent issues to their industry. People want to see that there are sentient human beings working as a team behind every brand. Having your company demonstrate awareness of trending topics is a surefire way to raise awareness of your company’s humanity and liveliness. However, this also leads us into the tricky territory of bias, where social and political opinions will vary greatly by demographic. This leads us to our next point.
  • Show sensitivity to social issues while being weary of public perception. Every company has a duty to identify who its target market is and how they behave socially and economically. A make-up brand would be ill-advised in most cases to throw shade upon the Kardashians, for example, as they are a formidable force in some circles of the fashion and beauty industry. Sometimes, it is better to simply demonstrate awareness of a trending topic than to approach it with a highly opinionated position.
  • The most effective way to leverage trending topics is to combine solidarity or humor when possible. Companies with active facebook pages, twitter accounts, blogs and/or Instagram profiles should always acknowledge holidays and current events. Sometimes, opportunities for a full-fledged marketing push or campaign will present themselves when the topic happens to be related to the industry in which your company is active. By keeping an eye on trending topics and current events, your company can put itself in a position to be the first to put a spin on a topic and, internet willing, even go viral!


Written by Gabriel Sousa & Laura Elise Barrett

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