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Monitoring Online Mentions – Knowing Your Business’s Reputation 


Monitoring Online Mentions – Knowing Your Business’s Reputation 

“Online mentions” is a term that refers to everything being said about you, your business and your business’s products online. In today’s business climate, having a tool that accurately reports on mentions can be a game changer. Relying on Yelp or other review sites exclusively can leave you with mixed signals and misinformation about your customers receptiveness to your products and services.whosayswhat

In order to truly understand what your customers and prospects think about your business, you’d have to search through hundreds, if not thousands, of sites on a daily basis to have an accurate accounting of your online reputation. Enter the Web PR – Web Presence Management App… Everything you need to know about your business’s online reputation is accurately displayed within the reputation intelligence portal of the Web PR App. If you would like to be notified every time something extremely negative or extremely positive is said about you online, you’re going to love this app. Not only will the app tell you everything being said about you, it will also determine if the sentiment of your mentions are positive, neutral or negative, and the impact it’s having on your brand.

This wonderful technology affords you the ability to take action immediately and diffuse massive problems in real time, and on the flip side you can spread the positive mentions throughout your social media channels so your other prospects and customers can see what their peers are saying that’s positive about you.

Contact WebPR.com <http://webpr.com> today and learn more about how monitoring your online mentions can benefit your business’s growth and profitability.

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