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MultiMedia Marketing

The Web PR multimedia content marketing team makes your company’s content accessible in every format possible.

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What is Multimedia Marketing?

Enhance Your Company’s Image with Interactive Content Online



Need help creating or placing your company’s video podcast, web video, infographics and other MultiMedia tools? WebPR™ specializes in MultiMedia Marketing.


Have you ever wondered, “How to make a podcast for our company?” Or, “How to do a webinar?”


Creating ready to use media for your website is complicated. The intricacies of  properly formatting picture, video, and audio files can be daunting at times. We make this process extremely streamlined and easy for you by eliminating all of the confusing and overwhelming aspects of creating, placing, promoting and benefitting from MultiMedia Marketing.


How do we know how to create webinars and podcasts that represent your company?


After the first month of interviewing your company executives and spokespeople, we know exactly where to go to promote these multimedia marketing projects.


Our team utilizes the latest trends on the market to create a custom approach giving your company a distinct presence on the web. As a Web PR client you will never have to ask yourself, “How much will it cost to do a webinar or a podcast?” It’s 100% included!


We not only create beautiful imagery that reflects your company identity, we manage it.


Multimedia Services Package:


  • Hi-Res Images
  • HD Video Production
  • Infographic Creation
  • Video/Audio Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • YouTube Commercial
  • Vlogger Videos
  • And More

We Will Make A Video Like This For You

[pricing_box heading=”MultiMedia Management” sub_heading=”Broadcast Professionalism ” price=”INCLUDED IN PREMIER WEB PRESENCE MANAGEMENT PLAN!!” featured=”” button_text=”Get Subscription Details” link=”url:http%3A%2F%2Fwebpr.com%2Fweb-pr-pricing%2F|title:Web%20PR%20Pricing|” bg_color=”#ffffff”]**Filming Rates Subject To Producer’s Rates**[/pricing_box]

What We Do?

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Create, manage, and update hundreds of review and directory profiles at once

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Stay connected to ALL of your social media profiles, posts, comments, and inboxes within the WebPR™ Mobile App

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Make sure you are ranking above your competition in relevant keyword searches


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WebPR™ will author original web content on your behalf daily for blogs, posts, press releases, and other mediums online

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Modernize your website and mobile app to improve usability

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Podcasts, videos, webinars, presentations and other multimedia design functions


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