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Social Media Planning

Web PR Content Marketing

Social Media Planning

Step by Step process for successful social media planning, implementing and growing your social media presence and branding/ lead gen.
First Step: 
Audit your existing social media presence
1. What sites are you currently listed?
     a. How many friends/ followers on each site
     b. How many comments/likes/retweets currently
     c. How often are you adding original content on your social media sites
     d. How many unread and unanswered messages do you have in your inboxes
 2. Advanced Metrics
     a. How many leads have you generated from each site
     b. How many first time clients came from which sites
     c. How many repeat orders came from which sites
By using the WebPR™ App you can run an audit of your existing social  media presence. This will identify all of your company’s SMM platforms and will show you a realtime snapshot of your existing progress.

For example:

For Instagram we will share photos that communicate our company culture. We will do this by posting 3 photos a week that will achieve 30 likes plus 10 comments each.
1. Once you have built your social media audit spreadsheet from the data collected on the WebPR™ App and have a better idea of where you stand and who owns/operates each of your sites, you should look to improve the ones that are most effective and delete the ones that are not working well. Make sure you search around for other profiles that may have been abandoned or are fraudulent representation of your company and culture…Delete these asap. You have to build a solid foundation for this to work effectively. Like in engineering, 90% of the work to begin building a new project like a bridge or a software program is spent in the planning process of the foundation’s design. Only 10% of engineering work is actually building the project.
All of the social media platforms have a unique purpose and should be approached differently. We will teach you how to utilize the strengths of each SMM profile and reach your prospective audiences directly. By optimizing your social media profiles for SEO, it will instantly help generate more web traffic to your online properties. Additionally, cross-promoting your social media profiles will help you grow the reach of content. Lastly, social media profiles should be filled out completely, including images and text optimized for each specific social network.
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