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What to expect as a Web PR Client

Web PR client

What to expect as a Web PR Client

I’d like to thank everyone for taking the time to learn what becoming a Web PR Client looks and feels like.


If you own a business and realize that you will benefit from an improved web presence, you are on the correct path. That’s for sure. But what is an improved web presence, exactly? Is there a right way or a wrong way to do social media? The short answer is yes, there is a right and wrong way and first you must realize that you shouldn’t “do social,” you just have to “be social.”


We teach our clients the importance of marketing with their audience because the days of marketing at prospective clients are coming to an end. Nobody wants to read advertisements if they aren’t forced to. Even if you force your prospects to read your advertisements you’re more likely to get a negative result than a positive one. I spend hours each week researching reviews online and I see a growing trend in consumers complaining about advertisements they were forced to read or watch. Can you believe an advertisement is enough to set a consumer off to the point of spending time to write a complaint about it? It’s true…and it’s getting to a point where companies are going to start realizing they are doing more harm than good. Until then you have an opportunity to set yourself apart in the social marketing world by utilizing Web PR Client “best practices” yourself, even if you aren’t a client.


More than anything, as a Web PR Client you can expect solid results, new fans of your online content that turn into life long clients who evangelize your message to their own friends and family. Here’s how we are able to accomplish this:


What to expect as a Web PR Client:


1. Interview – The very first step in the relationship between your company/brand and Web PR is a long form interview conducted in person or over the phone. It is critically important that we fully understand your company’s core competencies, expertise, culture and values. Within this interview it becomes clear to our team what approach is needed to gain the best results. There are many different ways to manage your web presence, but there’s only one best way. Your custom planned approach will be unique and will differentiate you from your competitors. When done properly, it will be impossible for your competitors to imitate your carefully planned and one of a kind web presence. This is by far the most important step in launching your new Web Presence campaign and it’s within this process that sets us apart from other online marketing firms.


2. Web Presence Audit – One of the most important things you can do to quantify your experience with Web PR is allowing us to run a Web Presence Audit on your existing Web Presence before we begin to work on your behalf to improve it. Knowing where you stand currently gives you the intrinsic value factor by which we will be acting as a multiplier thereof.


3. Web Presence Tool(s) –  There are hundreds of Web Presence Marketing Tools available out there. Due to the nature of our business we are extremely well versed in the efficacy, or lack thereof, within most of them. Web PR has developed a web/mobile app that incorporates the best features of what exists in the current marketplace, as well as some new features only found within our specific app.

This tool will allow you to:

  • Social Media: Easily view your realtime analytics and manage inboxes on ALL social media profiles in one central location. You can also curate useful posts to share with your audience from our recommended relevant posts.
  • Review and Directory Sites: View and manage ALL online directories and review sites to determine whether or not your company has a profile. From this part of the tool you can update ALL directories and review sites with current information like address, logo, description of goods and services, etc.  Ensure that you’re listed on every directory and review site.
  • Online Reviews: View all of your existing reviews, positive and negative, and for negative reviews you can flag for Web PR to arbitrate or respond to the review directly from the app. Ensure that you are on top of every negative review in existence.
  • Analytics – View in realtime your Web Presence Score which is an overall determination of your company’s Web Presence by total activity in blogs, forums, social media, and SEO. This algorithm also takes into account the type of social media followers you have and their activity within your profiles; weighted by each followers reach. Also, the score is based on your main websites SEO and the quality of blogs along with the content’s relevance the blogs are covering. Additionally it accounts for your total reviews and the ratio of positive, indifferent, and negative reviews.


Within the Web PR app you can elect to manage all of these aspects of your Web Presence yourself or hire us to do EVERYTHING for you.


4. Website Design & Mobile App Design – Depending on your company’s needs and your current website and/or app design, you may or may not need Web PR to come in and rebuild from scratch. If you do need this service, we take a full scale web design approach to ensure your content is optimized for search engine page rankings and usability. During this process you may be as involved as you’d like to be. Most clients want to let us “work our magic” and then decide at the end of the process if they prefer the new design versus what they currently had in place.


There are several benefits to allowing us to rebuild your site and/or app. First and foremost, the modern design is what your prospective clients have come to expect in today’s eCommerce climate. Even if you aren’t directly selling goods online, the standards by which consumers judge website designs are important to recognize and take seriously. This is your first impression to new prospective clients, it must be a great one. Second, google and all search engines, have adopted new standards by which they decide which sites to display in their search results, and Web PR will reword your existing content to optimize your pages “search value” in all search engines. Lastly, we utilize a backend portal to build your new site. This allows you to go in and make adjustments to comments and photos to your site very easily. We will train you on how make changes to your site, if you choose to actively pursue site updates on your own (because we will do these for you if you choose to hire us to do so).


5. Social Media Management – Whether or not you are currently an active social media networker, Web PR is going to take you to a whole new level of social marketer. Our social media experts work tirelessly to engage fans to your posts and blogs. We will create or update your Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Blogger, Tumblr, and any other smaller platforms that may pertain to your business. Many people ask us, “which social media sites should I be actively updating?” Our answer is always the same, “What social media platforms are your customers most active on?”


Web PR’s web audit will assist in locating where your company’s clients are congregating in the highest numbers with the most frequent activity. This information alone is paramount to the quantification of your Web Presence Marketing dollars at work. Our goal is to get your best content in front of the most influential social media users with an interest in your expertise. The snow ball effect happens quicker than you may realize and before you know it, you’re getting tons of phone calls and email inquiries to your company from prospective clients.


Once these profiles are in place, our content authors get to work on engaging other users by writing helpful and truly useful information directed at users with an interest in your expertise. By incorporating your company’s core values and culture, we will begin branding your image and logo by monitoring the web for realtime chatter about your product or service, or mention of your company name. Once we’ve located a conversation taking place, we insert ourselves in by answering unanswered queries and by giving out useful information that is nonintrusive and actually serves the purpose of helping the other social media users. The purpose of this approach, as opposed to directly marketing your company at prospects, is to implant the idea that you care for them, not just their money. This way new readers will begin searching your main website and blogs for more useful information on the regular. Then one day when they decide they actually need to hire a company like yours, who do you think they are going to think of first? The company that was helpful and useful to them – YOU!


6. Original Content Marketing Authors – The life source for all web based commerce is information, in other words, CONTENT. At Web PR, our most important core competency is Original Content Marketing Authoring. We employ some of the countries most well-regarded bloggers and journalists to write on our clients behalf on a daily basis. There’s nothing more beneficial to your businesses Web Presence Marketing efforts than great content. Active blog readers become repeat clients. At the core of everything, what Web PR can do for you online comes from our abilities to write great content and market that actual content so it makes a real impact to your growth and bottom line.


Don’t make the most common mistake: Great content is not the same as great marketing copy. In fact, it’s usually a polar opposite or sorts. Great content provides useful information to solve problems and ultimately educates your prospective clients to the benefits of your company’s goods and services. But it does so in a way that sounds nothing like a sales ad. Have you ever read a great blog that made you a believer in a company? If not that’s okay, but it does happen all the time to a lot of people. The fact of the matter is, marketing copy may generate a sale today, but great content marketing generates a client for a lifetime.


7. MultiMedia Creation and Management – Once your new site is finished, all of your social media profiles are active and you have great content, the next step is to begin expanding into other mediums of content marketing. In this case we’re talking about video and audio content. Your businesses prospects may be more inclined to digest new information in the form of videos and podcasts. These are great ways to get your message out there to the types of people who are not active on social media or blogs. After you’ve created these multimedia projects, it’s important to know how to get it out there so it can be obtained easily by people with interest in your message. Web PR knows where to go with your specific companies MultiMedia projects and can drive tons of traffic to your main site through these types of mediums.


A few of the MultiMedia projects we will create for you and distribute through proven channels:

  • Video Podcasts
  • Video Blog (VLOG)
  • Explainer Video
  • Site Narration
  • Webinars
  • InfoGraphics
  • High Res Video


Hopefully this helps your overall understanding of what needs to be done to improve your web presence to stay relevant in the minds of today’s consumers. We post regular “how to” Web Presence Marketing Management information here on our blog weekly. Also, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get a lot more information from our favorite content marketing experts along with examples of our clients spectacular results updates.








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