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Why Original Content is Necessary

Web PR Original Content

Why Original Content is Necessary

Reposter is synonymous with Fraudster

          In a long list of frequently used expletives, there is a new curse that is taking over the internet; repost.  Though seemingly harmless, this idiom is now akin to being called a poseur, fraud, or phony.  With an endless barrage from sites like 4chan and reddit.com, the idea of being a reposter is one that would make you the worst form of internet user (unless you’re giving credit where credit is due, in which case you’re part of the “trending” phenomenon.)  It is this fear that drives us, the ever interested web user, to find the, “new what’s next,” the build-up.  And this is why original content is necessary. Actually it’s a must.

        Much the same as in the 90’s, when you could buy a Ferrari body and put the kit on a Fiero, when people find out they’ve been fooled, the lynch mob starts.  Yes, it might look like a Ferrari, but it’s not the same as owning one.  It’s the simple fact that we WANT to be seen with the genuine article, with the newest cool.  We want to be there when the rest of the internet finds out, and the stranger at the bar asks you what color the dress is.  It’s a driving force, and it’s one that leads often to the furthest reaches on the web to find.

         In addition to social implications, there is something about loyalty and style that keep us attached to websites that provide original content.  A cartoonist, Etsy store, barber, among most businesses thrive on having original products that cannot be easily replicated.  At random points in history there are people, products, and trends that have the vibration of the future.  Singer Nina Simone once said in an interview that it is an artists job to be reflective of the times.  Reflection can also be projection, as we are always observing the past.  If there is an original take on the world that frequently resonates, it’s because of a general spirit of understanding coming from an individual or limited collective.  Perspective can be shared, and sage like foresight will always be momentous.  This is how movements are formed, and like a growing appendage, once the muscle receive enough attention, it is useful, trusted, and valued.

         The beauty in this form of admiration is that once the trend catches on, there is always room for a new spin-off from the original idea.  In the same way that growth happens, cells often divide, giving way to new life and growth.  For every expired, original idea there is a new one waiting in the wings to catch on, and for the graveyard of internet sites, there is a maternity ward working around the clock to keep you occupied.

By: Steve Lucarelli



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