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Mentions of a business are pulled in from relevant sources across the web and analyzed for sentiment. Businesses are alerted of new mentions, providing an opportunity to respond quickly.


Track important mentions via a built in task list with assignments and due dates. Merchant engagement provides transparency and accountability in the face of negative complaints and is also a platform for successful management of online reputation.

Web PR Score

Our Web PR Score algorithm compiles variables across all industries and calculates a unique score for each merchant to provide a snapshot of potential risk.


Robust, interactive reporting screens provide charts and graphs to visualize trends over time. Easily identify and isolate potential issues across an entire portfolio with the ability to single out specific complaint channels for a merchant or an industry.

Real-time alerts allow issues to be addressed immediately

Many current notification systems are archaic and it can take days or weeks for notifications to arrive. The Web PR Platform provides real-time knowledge as to when complaints are filed online or within social conversations, allowing for immediate follow up and resolution.


The Web PR Platform facilitates the conversation between online merchants and their customers, while providing valuable data and transparency to the ISO

With no extra manpower needed from the ISO, Web PR can be viewed as an extension of an ISO’s risk department.


Proactively and intuitively manage risk.

The Web PR Platform was intuitively designed with the help of industry professionals and experts and developed from the ground up to enable ISOs and merchants to proactively evaluate and manage risk by identifying potential problems, alerting the merchant and ISO to those problems, and increasing merchant engagement concerning online complaints and other mentions.


Web PR Score

Easily identify potential risk areas across your entire portfolio


Performance Tracking

Track merchant involvement and engagement through task completion


Sentiment Tracking

View average sentiment by time across an entire industry or for a specific merchant



Robust, interactive and customizable analytics dashboard

The Web PR Platform Increases Transparency for Merchants and ISO’s

Merchants now have a tool that identifies and alerts them to online complaints and other mentions concerning their company or products in real-time, so merchants can proactively respond and take action. All merchant data is compiled across an ISO’s entire portfolio to deliver meaningful insights into potential risk areas through the use of simple customizable reporting tools.

Our Process


Our proprietary algorithms scour the web for mentions of a business. Mentions are pulled from across the web, but emphasis and weighting are placed on select sources, such as the BBB, Yelp, Ripoff Report, and several others. All of these factors and more are combined to calculate each Merchant’s Web PR Score.

Once a mention has been found online, it is analyzed for relevancy to determine whether it it applicable to the business in question. Afterwards, it is assigned a sentiment rating of Negative, Neutral, or Positive before being displayed on the Merchant’s dashboard and factored in to scoring calculations. This process allows us to sift through the enormous amount of data online and filter it down to the most relevant content for a specific business.

We offer interactive, full featured reporting screens that allow for charting any variable within the system filtered by a specific merchant or an entire industry. This means that any cross section of data points can be easily viewed and compared to a standard of your choosing. This makes extracting relevant, actionable information from the collected and filtered data quick and easy.

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